Monday, 4 April 2011

Blankets and Wine

This is a monthly live music event held in Nairobi.

It is an outdoor event, held in a field, where you sit on the aforementioned blankets, and drink a good deal of the aforementioned wine.

But don't become confused and feel that you should wear something apropriate to sitting on the ground, such as say, jeans and T-shirt. Oh no. Blankets and Wine is about more than Blankets and Wine: it's about seeing and being seen. You need to look good. I saw a lot of ladies showing us the way forward, in terms of strapless dresses and long skirts, and a couple of gentlemen also showing us the future of modern African chic.

I am afraid I am not entirely sure who all the musicians were. The clue is in the title: it is blankets and wine. This is the main point. And it is a very strong point indeed.

Lots of sun, lots of fun people, lots of happy children getting jiggy with it. Here's the website, which is excellent, though I suggest that maybe they shouldn't, on the about page, tell customers right to their faces that the event exists to "provide numbers for key lifestyle brands."

(Image courtesy Blankets and Wine website)

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